Testimonials Page

"Kelly Francis Illumination installed Firefly lights at my bed and breakfast in downtown Austin. The product is exceptional! Each Firefly is handmade and of the highest quality. The system has worked flawlessly since installed over a year ago. Placement of lights is important too. Kelly placed the lights in a large Live Oak tree to maximize effect. The lights produce a starry effect at night. During the day the copper tubes add a cool element to the property's atmosphere."

- Willis Ponder | "The White Hat" Camp Congress Airstream Park | Austin, TX

"Kelly  Francis took our courtyard of gorgeous ancient live oaks and  transformed it into a lovely night time garden by filling the trees with  soft light and enlivening the whole experience with his floating "fire  fly lights" (small bulbs on the ends of copper tubes hanging at a  variety of levels from thin discrete wires)...It is enchanting, and  gives us great pleasure everytime the sun goes down.  As an architect,  principal of Lake/Flato Architects,  who works with a lot of talented  consultants, I can certainly tell you that it is a joy working with  Kelly Francis."   

- Ted Flato  | Lake Flato Architects | Austin, TX

"I still have that same sense of joy and wonder as I did as a child! They are beautiful and whimsical from all points of view and just a small breeze sends them into a gentle dance."

- Ann Newman | Residential Client

"Excellent lighting plan and professional execution!! Complete backyard transformation with the addition of Kelly's copper fireflies. I highly recommend Kelly."
- Robert Schupbach | Residential Client   

"We hired Kelly Francis to do firefly lights in our backyard. They turned out amazing! It is not only a conversation piece but a real attractive setting at night. He worked diligently to get them just right and has returned to change out bulbs promptly. I would highly recommend his company!"

- Kim Peterson | Residential Client   

"I can't tell you how happy I am when I look at my Firefly lights. They have completed the ethereal feeling of my outdoor room that I had been searching for. The soft moving glow of the Fireflies is a must for any outdoor space."
- Whitney Smith | Residential Client

"We love our Firefly outdoor lights! They truly make the backyard special and we couldn't be more pleased. We are the envy of the neighborhood."  

- Judy Willingham | Residential Client